Tuesday, April 21, 2009

do you freecycle?

We joined Freecycle almost two years ago. It's a fabulous network of folks who are dedicated to passing things they're no longer using on to others in their community, instead of throwing those perfectly good things away in the trash. Freecycle's slogan is "changing the world one gift at a time." We've given away old (but still working) computer monitors, clothes and toys that our six year old no longer needs, knickknacks that we no longer have space for, and other such treasures. We've also picked up a few things along the way from other kind, recycle-minded people in our town and the surrounding area. One of our favorite "freecycle finds" was a big pile of brand new siding that a contractor had leftover from a house project he was working on, which just happened to be the same fiber cement siding we were also re-siding our house with at the time. He gave us the leftovers, which turned out to be enough to re-side almost a whole wall at our house. We saved the cost of about a wall worth of material - and he saved the hassle of trying to get the factory to take it back, and the cost of disposing of it had he been unsuccessful. Everybody wins with Freecycle - the giver, and the gifted. If you're not a member already (membership, of course, is free) you should check it out! We'd love to know what you think - anyone have a Freecycle success story to share?

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