Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day just got even happier

In my previous post, I mentioned that we bought 2 cherry tomato plants at the UNH greenhouse open house the end of March. These are some of the green tomatoes that have been growing bigger and bigger each week since then.

And yes, indeed, everyone - if you look closely you can see that THIS is a red tomato. We just noticed it peeking out this afternoon, right in the middle of plant #1. In our dining room - in New Hampshire - in April - a red tomato! Makes us smile!

As for today's penny-saving update - Walgreens had a coupon for a free reusable totebag (today only, regular price 99 cents each). We stopped and got a bag on our way by this evening. While we were there, we also picked up an Edge shaving cream. It cost $2.99, but at checkout a Register Reward coupon printed out for $3.00 off our next Walgreens purchase, making the shaving cream in essence free. But I won't count that toward our pennies saved this trip, since really those $3.00 (or 300 pennies, if you prefer) will come off of our next Walgreens visit. Register Rewards coupons can be a fun way to save money, especially at stores where you shop pretty often and know you will put the Reward to good use. We usually go for them at Shaws and Walgreens, though there are other stores in the area that offer them as well.

Total spent at Walgreens today for 1 totebag and 1 shaving cream: $2.99
Pennies saved: 99
Coupon for later use: $3.00

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