Tuesday, April 28, 2009

freecycle garden finds

We've written before about the wonders of Freecycle. It's a great group that lets you pass things you no longer need along to other folks (instead of just throwing them away). The other fun part of Freecycle is that you can occasionally pick up a "treasure" from someone else - something they no longer want that you can put to good use. All at no cost, of course!

This morning, we were excited to receive 2 rolls of green plastic fencing, a trellis, and a plant stand from a Freecycler who is no longer gardening. Since we have woodland creatures who seem to make it their goal to find harvest-ready vegetables in our gardens before we can get to them, we'll definitely be putting the fencing to good use! The trellis and the plant stand weren't essentials, but they're fun to have as we work on prettying up the yard. Great finds - and no expense except the gas to go from our house to the other Freecycler's house. Fun!


pam said...

I am going to have to check to see if there is freecycling around here.

penny-wise people said...

Freecycle is lots of fun - hopefully you'll be able to find a group in your area to link up with!