Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day!

We're celebrating Earth Day by planting more vegetable seeds today. We've got lettuce and swiss chard seeds outside already (though they haven't sprouted yet - hopefully this week!), and we have cucumbers, broccoli, and chives started inside. We also have two cherry tomato plants inside that we got from the University of New Hampshire greenhouses back the last week of March. They came with (green) tomatoes already on them, and they've got lots of flowers. Some of the tomatoes are already starting to turn yellow. We bought two plants last year, and by May, were harvesting cherry tomatoes in our dining room. It was great!! They offer the tomato plants every year in conjunction with their Spring open house - if you live near UNH, it's definitely worth checking out!

As for Earth Day offers - Reynolds Wrap has a rebate for a free roll of recycled aluminum foil in honor of Earth Day. Click here to go to their site and print your rebate coupon!

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Virginia said...

Happy Earth Day to you as well! Thanks for stopping by Living the Local Life. I look forward to reading your blog!