Thursday, April 30, 2009

target and shaws trip

Had a fun shopping day today -

First we went to Target. has a $2.00 Dry Idea coupon and our Target has Dry Idea deodorant priced at $2.00 - so it ended up free (prices might be different at other Target stores, but it's worth checking out!). We also got a mailer yesterday from Home Made Simple - it had lots of 50 cent and dollar off cleaning supply coupons, plus a coupon for a free Cascade Crystal Clear Rinse Agent (regular price $3.14) - so we got one of those while we were at Target too.

Then we headed to Shaws - a couple weeks ago, they were having a sale on Wesson canola and vegetable oil, 2 for $5.00. If you bought 4 bottles, you paid $10, and two $5.00 Register Reward coupons printed. You could then use those two $5 coupons to buy 4 more bottles of oil... and around again in a circle, as 2 more coupons printed. Anyway, we picked up enough cooking oil to last us quite some time (since it was in essence free - as every time we bought 4 bottles, another $10 in coupons printed out - we figured we might as well, since we do use it!). We still had the last two $5 coupons left (from buying the final 4 bottles of oil) - so today we used the coupons to buy some ravioli and a box of Julies Organic ice cream sandwiches (yum!).

Also, a note - the rinse agent isn't something we'll probably use. But, like my grandmother did, we keep a box in the kitchen that holds things we get free and don't need, so we can pass them along to friends and family who will use them. We can't stand to skip an awesome deal (and free is fun!) - so even though we might not have a good use for an item, we usually know someone who'll enjoy it! Plus, a few times a year, we also bring extra toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc. that we've picked up (most of it free or almost free) to Crossroads homeless shelter in Portsmouth, NH or to the seasonal shelter in Rochester. Personal care items are always appreciated at the shelters - and we're happy to share some of what we find in our shopping adventures!

So, today's penny-saving update -

Total spent at Target for 1 Cascade Rinse Agent and 1 deodorant - $0
Pennies saved: 514

Total spent (after coupons) at Shaws for 1 box organic ice cream sandwiches, 2 boxes organic ravioli - $4.37
Pennies saved: 1000

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