Monday, April 27, 2009

things are starting to grow!

No shopping today - so no penny-saving at the store to write about. Thought we'd go with a garden update in honor of the beautiful sunshine outside!

We're trying to grow a good sized garden this year, as a way of being "green" and saving money at the same time. Just in case our garden doesn't give us enough fresh veggies (around our neighborhood, we need to race the deer, chipmunks, and other critters to our harvest... plus we're still pretty new to gardening, and so we're not sure what will grow well here in our yard) we're also members of a local CSA. A CSA is a fun way to support local farming, get more connected with your food and where it come from, AND get fresh vegetables every week for several months over the growing season (the CSA we're part of runs from June through October). This will be our third CSA year, and we love going to the farm every week in the summer to pick up our veggies (and sometimes fresh cut flowers too!). Can't wait for June, when our pick-ups start!

Anyway, since it's been really warm in New Hampshire the last few days, the plants we have started from seed have really begun to grow. Just today, chives, basil, swiss chard, and lettuce seedlings have all sprouted up inside next to our greenhouse-grown tomato plants and the cucumbers and broccoli that have been up for a couple weeks already. And we noticed peas and lettuce seedlings peeking out of the soil outside in the garden beds too. Life is good!! We started seeds both inside and outside this year, as last year we went with outside only, and heavy June rains wiped us out. We're hoping this year for more "typical" weather - and more success growing some of our own food!

We spent $24 on seeds this year so far, and $12 on our tomato plants. Used pots left over from previous years to grow what's started inside, and haven't had to buy any compost as our worms make it for us (more about that coming soon in another posting). So we're hoping our $36 will go a long way toward a great, tasty, penny-saving harvest!

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