Tuesday, April 21, 2009

today's shopping trip

We love hunting down bargains, but we don't shop every day, by any means. We do live about 5 minutes from a small shopping center that has a Market Basket grocery store, and a Rite Aid pharmacy. We pass by on the way to and from our son's school - so we definitely stop in a couple times a week, especially when there's good deals to be had! For other shopping trips, we try to combine multiple errands with one car ride - we might stop by Walgreens and Shaws when we're on the way to visit my sister, or take the back way home from school that takes us by Hannafords. We live in a rural area, so combining trips whenever possible has been the best way we've been able to save money on gas (and reduce the impact our driving about has on the world), since there's no public transportation in our area and we can't get too far walking or biking.

So today we went to Rite Aid. They had light bulbs for $2.00/4 pack. We bought 2 packs, and each pack had a coupon sticker on the front for 40 cents off. Rite Aid's Single Check Rebate Program has a GE light bulb rebate this month of $2.00. Rite Aid's rebate program has saved us tons of money over the last couple years - it's awesome! I'll write more about rebates and store savings cards in an upcoming post.

Total spent at Rite Aid: $3.20
Rebate on its way: $2.00
Total after-rebate cost for 8 light bulbs: $1.20
Pennies saved: 280

Today we also went to Walgreens. They had Post Trail Mix cereal 2/$5.00. We printed out two coupons, each for $2.00 off/box, from Post's website.

Total spent at Walgreens for 2 boxes of cereal: $1.00
Pennies saved: 400

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