Monday, May 18, 2009

freecycle fun

Had a fun Freecycle day today - my son's all excited, because someone who's getting ready for a possible move offered an older wooden croquet set. He's never played, and he's ready to turn our backyard into a croquet lawn tomorrow... or rather, we'll set up a bunch of wickets and let him have at it!

While we were picking up the croquet set, the fellow freecyclers offered us a big case of toy balls, as well as a couple of pretty wooden oars. Very awesome - we'll probably pass the oars along to some boating family members. Freecycle - love it!


Life Looms Large said...

Freecycle is awesome, isn't it?

So far I've only used it to pass along big, unwieldy things that aren't enriching my life any more....but I love the stories of what people find on it and how they plan to use things!

Glad you found my blog!!! Thanks for commenting there!!


penny-wise people said...

Freecycle is definitely wonderful! In addition to finding some great treasures, we've also been able to pass along toys and other things that my son has outgrown. It's so much better to see things go to good use than to have them just sitting around!

PS Your blog is great fun!