Monday, May 25, 2009

a wonderful monday

It is an incredibly beautiful, sunny, breezy day in our part of New Hampshire today! Thought I'd share some pictures from our morning -

The rhododendrons are in bloom...

The garden frogs are sunning themselves (garden frogs make me smile...) -

Our son is busy with what he announced as his personal goal today - "I'm going to cover the ENTIRE driveway with color!" -

And the new shade garden we're starting on the side of the yard is starting to come along, courtesy of a great mushroom statue (it and the garden frogs are all Freecycle finds!) - and a hosta that we found in another garden bed on the far side of the house under a giant dogwood. Under the dogwood, the hosta was getting squished - but here in the shade garden, it's my favorite plant in the yard!

I hope you enjoyed the photos - and may your Monday be as pretty as can be!


Life Looms Large said...

Nice garden pics!!! Definitely a beautiful weekend here!!

That is a happy hosta! How many years did it take to get that big??? (I can't figure out if I'm just impatient with mine or if they're badly located.)


penny-wise people said...

Thank you!
The people who originally lived in our house planted the hosta, so it's probably about 10 years old. I do love how happy it is now that we've pulled it out from its squished-up corner and put it center-stage!! We have others that were planted 5 and 6 years ago - the ones in the shade are about half as big as this one now - and the ones that get more sun aren't as big. I love seeing each year how much they'll all grow!