Saturday, May 30, 2009

sunshine does a garden good!

Yes indeed, the sunshine we have in New Hampshire today is making the garden so happy after the rain, rain, and more rain that filled the last few days!

The beets have doubled in size this week -

This brussel sprout is looking much bigger too -

There are green berries appearing in the strawberry patch -

We have lettuce growing in the ground, in raised beds, and in a pot this year - we're curious to see which will do better. And yes, that's a cat litter bucket behind the lettuce pot - we've got a tomato plant in there. It's not doing too well - but we still have hope. The rest of our tomatoes are in our raised beds. We've been saving litter buckets and other "found" containers since last year, in hopes of being able to expand our available gardening space by doing some container gardening (without spending any money on containers). Can't wait to see how it goes!

And here are the Early Girl and Fourth of July tomatoes. When we bought the seedlings, Randy from Warren Farm told us to make sure to feed them calcium, as it helps them regulate their moisture up-take and it prevents rot problems (last year, we had lots and LOTS of rain in June, which led to lots of rot troubles for the tomato plants). Anyway, he said the best way for the home gardener to feed calcium to tomato plants is to plant regular ol' calcium pills in the garden. So we did - here's hoping they'll do the trick, and our plants will be happy!

Last but not least, I love these flowers. I've been told they're violets, and someone else called them "Johnny Jump Ups" - I haven't looked it up yet to see what they are. But I think they're adorable, and this year they've popped up in several of our flower beds and even some in the yard.


Virginia said...

Gorgoues garden!! I'll be putting up my garden pics this weekend. I think the last flowers are actually pansies, but I know them as Johnny Jump Ups as well :)

Life Looms Large said...

Yay for sun!! Finally!

Those books by David Macaulay that I blogged about seem like they'd be great for kids. They're pretty popular, so your library might have them - and they're on sale on Amazon right now. There's one that had my high school physics class in fun form - pulleys and all that stuff. I totally wish I had learned that when I was younger!!!

I think those flowers are johnny jump ups - which might be the same thing as violas.

Hopefully we'll have sun tomorrow too!!!