Monday, May 4, 2009

target trip

Had a fun trip to Target today -
We bought 1 Dry Idea Deoderant, 1 soccer ball, 1 can of Pringles, 1 box of Nabisco 100-calorie bags of cookies, 6 boxes of granola bars, 2 soy candles, 2 boxes of Triscuits, 2 cans of organic corn, and 1 jar of mayonnaise.

The total came to $45.34 - but we had $22.90 in coupons - bringing us to $22.44.
Then we had a $10 Target giftcard that we got free through My Points, bringing us to $12.44 out of pocket.

Then based on buying the candles and the granola bars, we got $10 back in Target giftcards to use on our next trip.

So, all said and done, the trip cost us $2.44.
Not bad at all!

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