Thursday, June 4, 2009

the clematis are blooming!

I love the color of these flowers - I think the purple looks so pretty in the middle of all the green we have outside right now.

Speaking of green, we went to the Exeter Farmers' Market today and bought a fabulous head of lettuce (we have lettuce in our garden, but it's not nearly as far along as what we found at the market!), plus two pattypan squash seedlings. I discovered pattypan squash two years ago - I'd never seen them before that. Not only are they adorable, but when cubed and then cooked up in a casserole of butter, onions, garlic, and bread crumbs, they are definitely one of my favorite summertime treats! I'm sure pattypan squash casserole will be part of one of our upcoming One Local Summer meals. We were hoping to get some chicken today too, but no luck. As one vendor pointed out, laughing, "plenty of eggs today... but no chickens!" Maybe next week...

Also, speaking of the farmers' market, they're wonderful resources not only for food, but information too. A couple of our tomato plants have been yellowing over the last few days. I asked around a little as we shopped, and got lots of helpful advice. Seems our tomatoes could have 2 troubles - for one thing, the cold nights we've been having haven't been good for warm-month crops. We've been putting buckets over the plants on nights that're especially chilly, but one farmer suggested that we try warming the soil and the plants during the day, using black plastic or a black board and making use of the sun's energy as best we can. Another overheard the conversation, and suggested that we might also need to add some more nitrogen to the soil around the tomatoes via a little organic fertilizer (which he said would do the job in this circumstance better than the compost we've been using so far to enrich the soil). This was seconded by yet another person standing nearby. So, we're going to try warming things up for the plants in the sunshine, and will look for some organic fertilizer too. Love that you can get great food and great ideas, all in one fun trip!!


Virginia said...

I've noticed a bit of yellowing on my tomatoes too. Good information!

(I was very excited to see the baby summer squash at the Dover market!)

Life Looms Large said...

Our clematis, which put out one flower last week, still has just that one flower blooming. Weird!

Good tip about the farmer's market being a good source of information!!! I hadn't thought of that!