Tuesday, June 9, 2009

flowers for a rainy day

I took these flower pictures outside in our yard this weekend, and tucked them away for a soggy, dark day just like the one we're having right now. They remind me that it really is almost summer, even though temperature-wise it feels like just barely the start of Spring!

Does anyone know what the white flowers are called? We bought a Hosta from the Lee plant sale two years ago, and a tiny (and I mean really tiny) part of whatever plant they're from was growing in the pot along with the Hosta. We planted it without really thinking about it - and now in 2 years it has grown into half a flower bed full of white flowers and interesting green leaves. It's quite prolific, I believe you'd say... Anyway, we want to try to transplant it to somewhere in the yard where we can still enjoy it, but where it's mischevious growing habit will be more appreciated than it is among the Hostas and ornamental grasses... but we figure it'd be good to identify it first!


Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the plant photos! They brightened up a pretty gloomy week.

It took me a while to comment because I wanted to figure out that white plant! I have it in my garden - facing east so it gets sun all morning but not in the afternoon. It does spread nicely and seems reliably hardy here - although ours does totally die back every winter.

Anyway, I think it's candytuft.


Colleen said...

Sue - thank you so much for helping with the flower identification! I clicked the link for candytuft, and that was close, but I wasn't sure, because it looked like the candytuft has clusters of flowers, and our mystery flower is un-clustered. But your idea inspired me to do some more research and photo-checking, and I believe I've finally got it. I think it's Anemone sylvestris - also called Snowdrop Windflower (what a wonderful name!). Our plant does die back in the winter too. It really is an adorable flower - I'm going to enjoy it so much more once I move it to a place outside where it won't take over its neighbor plants!