Thursday, June 11, 2009

garlic scapes

We went to the Exeter Farmer's Market today, and were excited to see garlic scapes! We first heard about garlic scapes two years ago when we joined a CSA, and the first recipe we tried with them was garlic scape pesto. Absolutely wonderful - just scapes, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and a little lemon juice, chopped in the food processor until smooth, and then spread on anything from crackers to toast to sandwiches - you get the idea. Fabulously tasty.

We also like scapes in a stirfry with snap peas - but didn't see any peas at the market today (if we had, that would have been dinner tonight!). So instead, we took a handful of scapes, chopped them into 1" pieces, and sauteed them in a little butter for about 5 minutes. Then we added a splash of balsamic vinegar, cooked another minute, and served with spaghetti. The spaghetti was organic, but not local, so we won't make the dish this week's One Local Summer meal -but it was so yummy, we had to share the "recipe" with you, in case you come across some scapes in your own travels!

I would include photos here of our other farmers' market purchases, but somehow the pint of organic strawberries didn't make it home (I admit - we ate a PINT of strawberries on the ride - they were that good!!). And the pork - well, it's not at its most photogenic in its current frozen, packaged state. I figure it'll be better to share a picture once it's cooked up into a yummy dish or two!!


livinginalocalzone said...

Garlic scapes! This is the time of year for them, and I love it :-) I've even eaten them straight up in the garden as I pick them.

I like them with roasted potatoes, and they are also great with cauliflower. Oh, your recipe reminded me of something: I made this black bean/garlic scape puree as a spread for bread etc. and am addicted. Just the cooked beans, a handful of scapes, and a bit of whatever herb looks tasty. Puree in the blender, and enjoy.

Colleen said...

Black bean garlic scape puree - we're definitely going to have to try that next time we make beans. Sounds wonderful!