Friday, June 26, 2009

good news in the garden!

After a week away at the Cape, we were very curious to get outside today and see how our garden did in all the rain we've been having here in New Hampshire. All in all, things are looking pretty good!

The Brussel Sprouts and the tomatoes are coming along...

I think the pumpkin patch needs some weeding... but there are pumpkin plants growing in there!

There must have been a hungry critter or two outside these past few days, as we came home to a mostly-eaten broccoli plant, and a lovely red strawberry, also mostly eaten. Whoever enjoyed the berry (hope it was tasty!) left the remains laid out for us to find right on top of one of the rocks by the garden...

Even after taking away the damaged leaves, looks like we have enough lettuce for some nice salads!

And best of all, we have snap peas!! Not very many yet (this was literally it for today) - but this is the first time we've ever grown our own peas, so we're feeling very happy about this little mini-harvest! There are a handful more peapods still growing but not ready to be picked yet, and more pea flowers are still opening up - very exciting. There's something really wonderful about growing some of your own food!


Virginia said...

Check the underside of the broccoli leaves. I've picked off a few greenish worms from my broccoli leaves.

Things are growing great and I love your harvested peas!

livinginalocalzone said...

Gardening surprises are lovely, knowing that the plants can pull through on their own and still survive even when we are apart from them for a while. Peas are one of the best parts of this time of year.

Colleen said...

Sure enough - we discovered little green guys outside. And they had managed to eat the rest of that plant, down to almost nothing. We squished the bugs we found. But I'm somehow guessing there'll be more coming... hopefully they won't do too much more damage!!

Garden surprises are indeed wonderful, I agree. I harvested four more peas today. We're going to use those, plus the peas we got at the farmers' market and two of our own garlic scapes from the garden, and it'll be stirfry for dinner today. Hooray!