Monday, June 22, 2009

letterboxing is fun!

Today between rain showers and downpours, we tried letterboxing for our first time.

Letterboxing is, according to Atlas Quest online letterboxing community, "an intriguing pastime combining artistic ability with delightful "treasure-hunts" in beautiful, scenic places that the whole family can enjoy. Participants seek out hidden letterboxes by following clues, and then record their discovery in their personal journal with the help of a rubber stamp that's part of the letterbox. In addition, letterboxers have their own personal stamps which they use to stamp into the letterbox's logbook."

Sounds like fun, right? We thought so - so we printed a clue from the Atlas Quest website, and packed a backpack with a blank book, a pen, an ink pad, and some snacks and water, and off we went into the woods. Even though it was a grey afternoon, it was a beautiful walk - complete with red-winged blackbirds singing along the side of the path, and a very happy 6 year old who couldn't decide if the hike or the actual finding of the box was more fun!

We're looking forward to going again and finding another box soon. Definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon!

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