Sunday, June 21, 2009

local eating, cape cod style

We were away for a few days at the Cape, and my parents took my son fishing. The guy in the picture above, they threw back - but they caught others... so this week's One Local Summer meal was fresh caught fish, grilled, with a side salad of New Hampshire greens (from our CSA) that we brought with us on our trip, and bread that we bought at a local bakery here on the Cape. We would have bought the salad greens at the farmers' market here, but since we had plenty left from last week's share, we packed them up in a cooler and brought them along - can't let those veggies go to waste! So I guess you could say it was a combination meal - part of it local to where we live, and part of it local to where we are now. All good, though!

Also, we learned something about Cape Cod farmers' markets - and that's "GO EARLY!!" We arrived at the market about 30 minutes after it opened, hoping to get some snap peas to go with the veggies we'd brought from New Hampshire, and already the farmers were sold out of strawberries, asparagus, peas, and squash! It was still fun to look around though - there were lots of people selling beautiful garden plants, and even someone offering worm tea. Worms eat our garbage too (I still need to write a blog post about our worms... it's on the to do list (grin)) - so it's always interesting to me to see how some folks have turned their vermicomposting hobby into a business. Maybe someday we'll do that too! But for now, happy weekend, and I hope wherever you are, there's sunshine!


livinginalocalzone said...

I like that, some local to where you traveled/are now, and some local where you live. That is the best part about traveling, getting to taste what is local and common there. Gack on the farmers market selling out so early! Will you be there for another market day?

Colleen said...

It's definitely been fun, seeing what "local to the cape" foods we can find while we're here! Not sure if we'll be here for the next market, but if we are, we'll sure be going first thing in the morning!!