Saturday, June 13, 2009

some fabulous local eating today!

While out searching for yard sale treasures today (more about that in a later post...) we happened by both Barker's farm stand in Stratham, where they had a small bin of their own terrific looking summer squash, and Emery Farm in Durham, where they had local tomatoes! We of course had to get some of both... and we'll be using them in this week's One Local Summer meal, which I'll post about later tonight!

Between the two farm stops, we were in Newington, so we stopped to check out Fresh Local Bayside at Great Bay Marine. I've heard wonderful things about their pulled pork sandwiches, and I've read about their commitment to serving local fare. When we go out to eat, we rarely order a dish with meat in it, as we really are committed to eating meat from animals that have been raised in healthy, humane conditions. There are definitely many things we don't "eat local" - cereal, pasta, rice, etc. But when it comes to meat, we're a little more strict with our "rules" for ourselves. Anyway, the Fresh Local folks get much of their meat (and other food) from local farms and producers, so we decided to give the restaurant a try. And oh my word, what a great place! The pulled pork was amazing, the fries were tasty, and the crumb cake was, according to my 6 year old, "the best, and definitely homemade!" Everyone there was super friendly - and the water-side location was great too. If you find yourself in Newington, it's definitely worth stopping by. Here's a sandwich picture, just in case you weren't already hungry reading about this great food... there's so much pork in the sandwich, it's falling out the sides!


Life Looms Large said...

I definitely have to stop by Fresh Local Bayside sometime! Sounds yummy!

Meanwhile, your farmer's market finds remind me of one of my favorite recipes for squash and tomatos....Company Rice with Beans from a Jane Brody Cookbook years ago.


livinginalocalzone said...

Its so hard to find restaurants/other food places that serve local here, but I think some are trying. I wish that concept would start in earnest, it would be a good way to get out the message that eating local can really be delicious and not a "deprivation".

Colleen said...

Company Rice with Beans - that sounds very tasty! It's definitely going on the list of things to try over the next few weeks. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

Fresh Local really is a great place - and I too wish there were more local-food restaurants!!