Friday, July 3, 2009

blue skies, smiling at me!

After all the rain we've been having in New Hampshire lately, sunshine and blue sky were a welcome site today for sure!!

When I woke up this morning and realized we didn't need our umbrellas for the first time since I can't quite remember when (grin), the first thing I did was head for the garden! I found a lot of water-logged plants that definitely need some nice weather to help them perk up, and about a million weeds (weeds like rain!) but I also found this brussel sprout that has about doubled since last I saw it -

And I saw lots of green tomatoes -

And one happy zucchini plant!

From what I've read, the excess water we've been getting has been particularly tough on strawberries and tomatoes, although not for folks who are lucky enough to have fields and gardens in areas that are "high and dry." We're not in such an area, so I definitely hope the sun and drier weather are here to stay for a while!!


Life Looms Large said...

So glad you put up a picture of the sun!!! We were in Massachusetts today at a cookout, and when we came back it was cloudy we couldn't be sure if the sun came out here.

We saw sun there and it was glorious!!


livinginalocalzone said...

We had the sun for a few moments yesterday, and then the rain took over again. Its effectively destroyed my strawberries though. The local farms have found the same, but a couple are in "high" land so maybe they are safe. Hooray for the garden pulling through with the squash and the first tomatoes!

Colleen said...

After enjoying the blue sky Friday, we went to Connecticut for an outdoor wedding yesterday, and it was an amazingly beautiful day - everyone just stood outside, taking in the sunshine!! The gardens have definitely suffered in the weather we've had lately, but hopefully the rainy time is over now, and we can get on to summer!

Angela said...

Great Blog- I love seeing what fellow NH people are growing and doing! Thanks