Wednesday, July 22, 2009

csa - hello carrots!

The unusual weather continues in New England (are we sure it's July??) - and along with the cooler-and-wetter-than-normal pattern, we are also still seeing many of the cool weather crops (which is a-ok with me as the longer I have snap peas around, the happier I am!!). This week's CSA share has some favorites from previous weeks (lettuce, squash, garlic, and those fabulous snap peas!) - and adds fresh onions, broccoli, and carrots! Yay! No tomatoes or cucumbers yet, but we hear they're coming soon. Happily we've been able to get both those (and more) at the area farmers' markets, so between the CSA and the markets, we have plenty of veggies to suit the tastes of everyone in the family.

Tonight for dinner we're having a local meal of Hayward Farms chicken from the Nottingham farmers' market (which R is going to saute in a little olive oil and season with red pepper flakes), CSA broccoli (lightly steamed), and pattypan squash casserole made once again with homemade French bread. Can't resist fresh broccoli - yum!! And the spicy chicken goes really nicely with the casserole - the combination makes for one of my favorite meals this time of year!


livinginalocalzone said...

I got the first carrots in my CSA share too this week! No onions (but we do have scallions) or broccoli, but I saw some at the farmers' markets.
The weather here in CT has been a bit crazy swinging between hot and cool, so I think the crops are confused.... the lettuce and peas are gone, but we don't have the weather for eggplant, tomatoes, and the other warm weather things..... sigh

Life Looms Large said...

Interesting to hear about how the weather if affecting what you're getting in your CSA share. It really has been a strange summer so far.

Isn't the fresh broccoli fantastic?? I've been making broccoli salad with craisins and some diluted mayo. (I know....not so local...but so yummy!)


Colleen said...

It will definitely be nice when summer really arrives, and with it more of the warm-weather crops! One of the farmers I was talking to this week, who always grows lots of melons, was saying that she's not sure if she'll have any this year, on account of her plants rotting in the excess moisture in her fields!!

I have a bag of Craisins right here next to me, that my son and I have been munching on today (he can't stand raisins, but loves Craisins - interesting!). I never thought of putting them into a broccoli salad... I might have to try that! Local food is awesome, but we definitely eat our share of non-local things too (cereal, pasta, rice, mayo and salad dressing, these tasty little Craisins (LOL)...). I admire folks who've gone all-local, but at our house, we still have a mix of foods - some from here in NH, some not. All good though!!
Colleen :-)