Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a fabulous freecycle find

On my never-ending to do list, we find #3 - learn to sew.

The rest of the list (in no particular order) includes things like... build more raised garden beds, plant peas and lettuce for fall harvest, get chickens, start worms on processing rabbit manure, build rabbit hutch, learn to knit, give up paper towels... it goes on. Having all these things written down helps remind me of the concrete steps I want to take to become both more "green" and more self-sufficient.

So anyway, a couple days ago on Freecycle I saw a posting for a sewing machine - so I emailed the "giver" and was fortunate to be offered the machine. Little did I realize that not only would I be receiving a great old Singer "work horse" - but also this beautiful work table/cabinet!

The "giver" said the machine had worked last he knew, but it had been in the basement for quite a while, so he couldn't guarantee that it still would. But sure enough - we cleaned it up a little (still need to give it an even better cleaning and oiling), plugged it in, and away it went stitching up a proverbial storm. I took a couple home economics classes in high school, and haven't sewed since - but I had no idea that R used to play with his mother's antique sewing machine all the time when he was little. He's full of surprises! He knew just how to thread this one, and get it going - and I think we have ourselves a machine that will do everything I need it to, as far as letting me learn how to sew and mend.

I have to say - thank you to everyone who Freecycles!! Keeps usable things out of the landfill, and gives old treasures a great chance for a new life. All good!!

So, my next step? Time to get reading and practicing! Our town library has lots of great sewing books, and I've heard there's lots of simple online sewing tutorials out there in cyberspace as well. If there are any websites or books you recommend, let me know. I can't wait to see what I can learn!!


Life Looms Large said...

Good luck and have fun!!! Congrats on your new machine!! (Freecycle really is the best, isn't it?)

One thing I really like about sewing is that once you have a pattern, you pretty much just have to follow it to make whatever the pattern is for. Joann Fabric has pattern sales every so often where the patterns are $1-2.

Can't wait to see what you make!!


Colleen said...

Thanks, Sue!! I like the idea of sewing - following a pattern sounds like just the thing for me! Hopefully this weekend we'll have time to really get the machine cleaned up, and I can get learning!!
Colleen :)

livinginalocalzone said...

What a great find! The picture reminds me of the old Singer that my mother had when I was a child - it hid away in a table/cabinet very similar to the one you got, and seeing it pop up when it was brought out from its holding place was amazing to me.