Sunday, July 26, 2009

garden update

Took a few garden pictures today, between rain storms. It was great to see the sunshine and blue sky yesterday, and a little today too - we've had so little of it, it seems like a wonderful treat when it's here!

This year so far, we've harvested lots of snap peas, 3 fairly small tomatoes, some baby Swiss chard leaves, leaf-lettuce, 3 bulbs of garlic, plenty of fresh dill, and some onion greens.

We have hope that we'll see a better yield the second half of Summer. Hope does spring eternal, it's true (grin). We're waiting on Brussels sprouts, broccoli, tomatoes, green beans, more Swiss chard and lettuce, pumpkins, onions, and both pattypan squash and zucchini. Still no summer squash from our garden, and it's almost the end of July - but we do have squash blossoms, so baby squash should be on the way soon!!

In addition to more lettuce, and possibly some cabbage, we're hoping to plant a Fall crop of snap peas. But first we need to figure out when those need to go in the ground to be successful. Any thoughts, fellow New Englanders??

On to the photos... This is the biggest Brussels sprout plant we have right now, and one of the five surviving broccoli plants (the rest were wiped out by slugs and cabbage worms). It looks like we may have a broccoli head starting to form on one plant, but it's hard to tell. Based on when we started the seeds, the broccoli should have been ready long before now, but seems it didn't work out that way.

This is our biggest zucchini plant - the blossoms are on the other side, hidden by the leaves.

And here we have my favorite tomatoes (Juliette) - all still green, but there are clumps of them on each plant. Hooray! There's Swiss chard and squash behind the tomatoes, too. Baby Swiss chard is awesome in salads. Juliette tomatoes are wonderful in salsa, and would have been great in yesterday's supper dish. I'm definitely looking forward to being able to pick some of our home-grown ones soon!


livinginalocalzone said...

I'm planning on putting in my snow/fall peas this weekend. Some people I've talked to think it might be too late already, but I think its worth a go. (I'm in CT)
You have so much variety in your garden - I'm impressed. And considering the crazy weather we've had, quite a nice yield too. Hope the rest of the summer is even more bountiful.

Colleen said...

Thanks! I think we're going to try putting the peas in this week, and we'll see what happens. If we get a fall harvest, it'll be very exciting!