Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday shopping - school supplies

It's July, but in New England, with all the rain of late, it seems like summer's just begun. And now the back to school sales have started!

Both CVS and Staples have great deals on school supplies right now. We homeschool, and use lots of found materials and recycled paper for arts and crafts, but Rb was still excited to check out the sale items today, as he loves the opportunity to add some new materials to his supply!

Items free after Extra Care Bucks at CVS today through Tuesday include pens, rulers, children's scissors, notebooks, and glue (limit 2 of each sale item). Staples has packs of pencils for a penny each (no rebate needed, but limit 2 packs per person), and reams of copy paper for one cent each after rebate (limit 2). There are other school supply deals listed in both stores' ads - you'll want to check them out if you need to stock up!

We came home from our shopping trip with scissors and rulers - we have plenty of notebooks, glue etc left from last year's sales, so we didn't buy more. But definitely seems like some great money-savers out there this week!

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