Saturday, August 22, 2009

blight is bad

Well, after several weeks of harvesting tomatoes from our backyard garden, we went out this morning and saw the tomato plants (which just yesterday had been beautiful, green, and healthy) looking quite, quite sad. Literally overnight, the majority of the leaves had browned and shriveled, and the plants looked like they might in November in a "regular" year - ready to say good-bye.

Guessing this would be the arrival in our yard of the blight which has been plaguing farms and home gardens this year, and which so far our neighborhood had seemed to avoid. So, we pulled all the plants and bagged them for the trash (they can't go into the compost, as bagging them helps prevent the blight from spreading further) - and we brought in the tomatoes that were remaining "on the vine" in hopes that they'll ripen. It's a sad thing, to lose such an important part of the garden in an instant like this - but luckily there are area farmers who have tomato plants that are still blight-free and producing fruit. Looks like it's time to go to the farmers' market!!


Life Looms Large said...

That's amazing that the blight hit so quickly. Sorry that you had to bring in so many green tomatoes!

They are one of the yummiest parts of the garden, so it is a bummer to have to harvest them now.


livinginalocalzone said...

The blight has caused so much sadness among eaters and growers alike. What are you planning to do with the green ones? I like them cut and roasted with green beans, or roasted with new potatoes.... the flavor is completely different, and a new angle on looking at the tomato. I hope you can still get some ripe ones from the farmers' market though. They are such a big part of summer.

Colleen said...

Now I have a better sense of how our CSA farmers must have felt when they had to pull their tomato plants - it's definitely a sad thing - all those plants, and then just gone!

There are 2 recipes for green tomatoes in the Moosewood cookbook - one is for a green tomato chutney and I don't remember what the other was for. I thought I might try the chutney - or roasted sounds good too! I've never had green tomatoes before - should be interesting to try them!