Saturday, August 29, 2009

cinnamon beasts

Yesterday's Newmarket Happenings post promised something called "cinnamon beasts" at today's Newmarket farmers' market (being held inside the Stone Church on account of the pouring rain). As soon as R and Rb heard the words, they were ready to head out the door to the market - they love cinnamon, and couldn't wait to see what a "beast" was. The drive in the rain was well worth it - cinnamon beasts turned out to be wonderfully yummy treats, and already Rb is talking about "when we go back to get another one next week..."

On the way to the market, we stopped by Warren Farm to get some more corn - since they said they're only going to have fresh corn for about 5 more days this year, it's time to stock up! And in addition to the "beast" we got potatoes, onions, and leeks in Newmarket. Since it's so rainy and cold outside today, we're going to roast a New Roots Farm pork tenderloin for dinner, and roasted potatoes (with garlic and onions) should make for a great side dish!


Life Looms Large said...

Those look seriously delicious! I might have to head to Newmarket myself next Saturday!!


Colleen said...

I just have to appreciate a food item called a "beast" - you know it just HAS to be fabulous! LOL