Saturday, August 1, 2009

one local summer - the week in review

One of our biggest challenges is eating more locally in the non-growing-season months - we'll be working on doing better with that this winter, and have already started thinking about how we can save more of the summer bounty for the colder months.

But for now, this time of year, we do much of our "grocery shopping" right at the farmers' markets and local farm stands, and many of our meals are either all-local, or include local dishes alongside their non-local counterparts.

So this week for local fare, we've enjoyed... meal-sized salads made with veggies from our CSA share and market trips; totally local fried eggs and bacon (one of R's favorite "breakfast as dinner" meals!!); grilled local chicken with ratatouille made with farmers' market and CSA veggies; roasted local red potatoes with home-grown garlic; steamed local broccoli; and French toast made with homemade bread and local eggs.

R also used the leftover bones from the farm-fresh chicken we've been enjoying lately, plus local carrots, oregano, and onions, and home-grown dill and garlic, to make homemade chicken stock yesterday (that's the photo above, taken just after he put everything in the pot). We'll be freezing the stock, so we can use it in other recipes. It also makes for a pretty good soup - during last December's ice storm, we heated chicken stock from the freezer on our wood stove, and had mugs of warm homemade broth while we waited for the power to return. A happy memory!


Holly Moccia said...

Where do you buy your chicken? I live in barrington,NH.

livinginalocalzone said...

Summer bounty is so delicious, it is easy to make nearly everything local. Fresh veg and fruit, good bread... and a simple meal is at hand. Having that taste to pull out in winter even once in a while can make the months seem a bit kinder. How are you thinking of preserving/storing? Freezing, canning, other?

Colleen said...

Holly - We have a few places whose chicken we enjoy - Kellie Brook Farm in Greenland, and Hayward Farms (they sell at the Nottingham farmers' market) are the 2 that first come to mind. I've also heard lots of great things about Yellow House Farm in Barrington - but I haven't tried their meat yet. Seacoast Eat Local has a link on their website to the Seacoast Harvest guide, which has lots of listings for additional folks. There's lots of great farmers out there with happy, well-raised chickens, that's for sure!

Mangochild - So far this year, we're going with freezing to preserve the harvest. Have been keeping an eye out at yard sales for a dehydrator, so I can give that a try - but haven't done so yet. I can't believe it's August and I'm already thinking about winter!! But it's good to plan ahead!

Life Looms Large said...

I'm not quite ready for soup season yet, but that broth sounds really good!!!!

I'm amazed at all the things freezers can store. Mine definitely gets a work out (more for baked goods than for fruits and veggies though).