Thursday, August 20, 2009


Picked up peaches at Warren Farm today - don't they look yummy? Haven't decided yet if some of them are going to become peach cobbler, or if we'll try to freeze some... I do know that R and Rb already gobbled one down "as is" - and I'm sure a bunch more will be enjoyed that way over the next couple days! Anyone have any tasty peach recipes??


MangoChild said...

Those are delicious - its hard to stop when one is out peach picking. Peach recipes... I posted a bunch on my blog when I went picking about a month ago. One of my favs is peach bread. I also liked doing peach handpies. I froze a huge amount, canned a lot (in fruit juice), and.... um... I forget! Eating them fresh is one of the most precious things in summer I think.

Colleen said...

Peach handpies... that sounds good! Will definitely check your blog and see how you made them!

Life Looms Large said...

I tried to comment on this one over the weekend, but it wouldn't actually post for some reason. Maybe because I was trying to insert a link and possibly doing it wrong.

One of my favorite fruit recipes - not so much for healthy eating - but for overall deliciousness is a rustic fruit tart. It's great with peaches - or peaches sprinkled with blueberries or raspberries.

There are tons of recipes if you favorite recipe is from Fine Cooking, but you might have to sign up to access it online.