Monday, August 17, 2009

squash supper

Tonight for supper, we had planned to have zucchini parmesan sandwiches. But when I looked in the refrigerator and saw lots and LOTS of squash (some from our CSA share and some from our own garden), we chose to save that recipe for later and instead find a way to use up more. We ended up deciding to stir fry cubes of zucchini, pattypan, and crookneck squash - and we added green beans and garlic from our own garden. Seasoned with dark soy sauce, and served over spaghetti - and it was an awesome squash-filled supper!

Tomorrow we'll be going to Warren Farm again to pick up more corn, as I want to start freezing some for winter. Right now, we have chopped green peppers, chopped scallions, and whole tomatoes in the freezer, as well as home-made tomato sauce and chicken stock. My great-aunt emailed over the weekend and reminded me that we can shred zucchini and freeze it in 1-cup portions, so we can pull it out later and use it to bake zucchini bread. Sounds like a great way to preserve the squash we still have left in the refrigerator after today's dinner!!


Life Looms Large said...

Zucchini does have a way of overwhelming people, doesn't it?

I used to work with some one who had a giant garden. They grew so much zucchini that they supplied the whole office with squash. Plus, they put zucchini in everything - spaghetti sauce, stir-fry, meatloaf, zucchini bread.

Once he brought in chocolate cake that included zucchini and cinnamon. It was really good (as chocolate things tend to be!)

Good luck!


livinginalocalzone said...

Ack, I guess I'll have to wait for that recipe, huh? Yes, zucchini has people digging into creativity :-) I love how all the different squash have totally different flavors, and how they play together when combined.