Tuesday, August 11, 2009

today's harvest

Looks like there'll be green beans and baby zucchini with dinner tonight!! This is the first zucchini we've harvested from this year's garden - but we have several more on the vine, so they should be ready soon. The beans started coming in last week, but we were only able to pick a couple each day - so this is a pretty good handful that we got today.

Also, a little hard to see in this photo (lots of sunshine today!) - but this is our row of snap peas that we planted from seed a little over a week ago, in hopes of a Fall harvest. We might have waited too long to plant, but we'll see - they're already a couple inches tall, so that seems good!


Life Looms Large said...

Yum! More veggie goodness!

The peas look good to my non-gardening eyes...and remember....I think we're owed a long fall growing season after the big rainy spring. (As if the weather listens to me at all!)


Colleen said...

A long fall growing season gets my vote - that's for sure!!