Saturday, August 22, 2009

yard sale saturday

We haven't been having too much luck at yard sales the past several weeks - but today, we found a great wooden table and chair set, that fits nicely in our screened porch. For $20 it seemed like a bargain - I'll clean it up a little, put a tablecloth on the top to soften it up, and I think it'll be perfect for outdoor dining!


SH said...

What a great deal ! I'm jealous !

Life Looms Large said...

Score!!! That's a great find!!

Late this afternoon I was super lazy....and contemplating a super lazy dinner.

Jim wasn't happy with any of my super lazy options....and he said "What about that pasta from Penny-wise?"

So we had your tomato-topped pasta....simple and delicious!!! Thanks for bailing me out of total laziness!


Amber said...

That is a great bargain!!! I have went to a single yard sale this summer and I think I am totally missing out.


Colleen said...

Hi all - Yard sales can definitely be awesome - we've found some great deals, but other times have come home with nothing. Always an adventure!!

Sue - your comment cracked me up, as we too had the tomato-topped pasta again this weekend, to avoid cooking since it was SO very toasty and humid!! Hopefully the weather will cool down soon - but if not, I think more pasta will be in our future!! :-)