Tuesday, September 29, 2009

and then there were two

This weekend we added a second rabbit to the "working animal" side of the family - Rb has named him "Luke" as he's going with a Star Wars theme for his rabbits. We already have Yoda - so Luke seemed the logical next choice!

Luke is a mini-lop - we were originally planning to get another Creme d'Argent (like Yoda), but when we saw little 8-week old Luke, we couldn't resist. His color is beautiful, and he's the sweetest rabbit ever - he actually lies on his back in my lap... lest you think, "that's crazy - rabbits don't do that!!" I thought I'd include a picture (please pardon the pajama pants!). This is one mellow little guy!!

So, Luke joins Yoda, and we continue our quest for plenty of worm-composted rabbit manure for next Spring's gardens. All good!!


Angela said...

So cute. Not the worm composted part but the snuggly bunny

Life Looms Large said...

Yay - another bunny!!! So cute!

Have fun!


Colleen said...

Hi Angela - thanks for stopping by and commenting! Luke does keep me smiling that's for sure - he's definitely a snuggle bunny!

Hi Sue - welcome back!! Luke and Yoda make a cute pair - and Luke's too little yet to hop over the top of the exercise pen outside. Phew!!


Amy said...

I wondered if you'd get another bunny, or if you'd get a creme "Princess Leia" so you could breed your own poop factories :) The new one is cute!

Colleen said...

Hi Amy -
A creme Princess Leia (and future baby bunnies) are still on the "someday" list - but right now I'm thoroughly obsessed with figuring out chickens... looking forward to seeing the pictures of your baby bunnies when you have a chance to post them - they must be absolutely adorable!!
:) Colleen