Monday, September 14, 2009

better late than never?

We bought 2 pattypan squash seedlings back in June at the farmers' market. The plants didn't really grow much over this unusual and super wet summer we had - but the last couple weeks, they've suddenly taken off. Then last week before we left for the Cape, I noticed they were flowering.

Then this morning when I went outside to the garden to pick some green beans, I could hardly believe it, but we have baby pattypan squash growing. This photo shows the largest one - but there are at least 4 more, and a bunch more blossoms as well. Now all we need is for the frost to hold off, and it seems we'll be harvesting pattypan!


livinginalocalzone said...

Plants are funny like that I think - not following a schedule, and sometimes not even following the "adjusted" schedule accounting for weather, etc. Glad it is on its way now!

Colleen said...

It's pretty awesome to see them out there, amongst the other plants that are starting to die back. Like a little reminder that summer's not totally gone yet!