Tuesday, September 15, 2009

durham market, tecce farm

On the way to the Durham farmers' market yesterday, we stopped at Tecce Farm for some corn - they had a sign up on the window that said due to the excess rain, the ears of corn haven't filled out like they should - but we brought home a half dozen and they looked (and tasted) just fine!

At the Durham market, we got apples from Nottingham Orchard (their Northern Spy apples are Rb's favorites, but they won't be ready until October, so this time we got McIntosh); delicata squash, acorn squash, and a red onion from Sustainable Farm Products; red potatoes from Back River Farm; and cucumbers and a watermelon from Wake Robin. A fun shopping trip for sure!


livinginalocalzone said...

Some of the corn has been like that here too - many are filled out and round, but others are on the skinny side. All taste delicious though!

How are you dealing with potatoes and the blight? Any way to be sure that the ones bought are ok? I've been thinking about this a lot, since potatoes are a big winter storage item for me...

Colleen said...

I never thought of that with the potatoes - I've been so careful with the tomatoes (making sure I don't compost any that might have been affected by blight, etc.) - but I hadn't considered what blight could mean for the storage potatoes that we're starting to tuck away for winter. I'm going to ask next time I go to the farmers' market!!