Monday, September 28, 2009

free organic coffee

McDonald's is offering free Newman's Own organic coffee (any size, any time of day) through Sept. 30 at their New England locations.

When I think about this, it's interesting to me. I don't choose to spend my food dollars at McDonald's - but the coffee is free, so as long as I don't buy anything else while I'm there, I'm not supporting their business. It's also organic - which is certainly better for the environment than non-organic coffee. But then coffee's by no means local to New England, so even though it might be grown responsibly, it's traveled a long way to get here - and so its consumption still has a significant environmental impact.

I'm curious what those of you who also "eat local" do - do you drink coffee? Avoid it? Would you drink McDonald's coffee (especially if you didn't have to pay for it)? For me it's a dilemma - what about you?


Lucky said...

I try to eat somewhat local, but I haven't been able to give up coffee, tea, spices or olive oil!

Colleen said...

Hi -
Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Olive oil is definitely one we haven't given up either - not sure there's a good local alternative here in New England. And coffee - well, so far I can't quite convince myself that my day would start the same without it!!