Saturday, September 12, 2009

searching for sharks

Every September we head to Cape Cod for the town of Eastham's Windmill Weekend. It's a fun festival, with a sand castle contest, craft show, children's games, concerts, etc. - lots of family-oriented events to check out!

This year, to add to the excitement, great white sharks have been spotted off Chatham, Massachusetts (a short drive from Eastham), and though the beaches in Chatham are closed to swimmers right now, there are lots of people on shore with binoculars, hoping to spot, if not the fin of a great white, at least some of the seals that the sharks are following about in the water. Near the beach at Chatham Lighthouse, we saw many seals bobbing along (as my son said, "those are either seal heads in the water out there, or some REALLY big coffee cups!!"). Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture of the coffee cup/seals - they were moving really quickly, and kept diving back under water!

At Coast Guard beach, we didn't see seals or sharks - though Rb looked and looked!!

At Nauset Beach, he didn't any seals or sharks either - just lots of big waves crashing. He said the crashing waves sounded like music, and this inspired him to hop up on a bench and bop out!

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend - and remember, if the weekend's not bringing you exactly what you're looking for, you can always dance!!

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