Wednesday, September 9, 2009

this week's csa

This week's CSA combines the best of summer and early fall. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, summer squash, zucchini, carrots (both orange and purple - though they're cut off in the photo - oops!!), beets, salad turnips, onions, and garlic - all good!

Salad turnips are a tasty treat - we enjoy them sliced thin and added raw in salads, though I know some people prefer to cook them or add them to other dishes. Either way, they're yummy!


Life Looms Large said...

I've been hearing from other local CSA-ers that they're getting a lot of turnips. Sounds like you're receiving nice little ones. I never knew you could eat them raw.

Those tomatoes look absolutely great! (As does everything really)

Maybe I should start making dinner!!


livinginalocalzone said...

I was just thinking the same things about the harvest this time of year - it is the best of both seasons. Fun with the purple carrots! The tomatoes (what little we had) are done here, but I'm enjoying seeing the fall crops slowly creep in.
Turnips - I love hakuri turnips raw in salads, they are so sweet. But the large white ones I always cook (usually roasted in the oven). The golden ones - eh. Never held much appeal. Interesting how all the different kinds taste different, even though they are the "same" veg.

Colleen said...

It's always interesting to see how the shares change year-to-year - last year, we had so many potatoes we couldn't keep up with them. This year, not nearly as many potatoes, but we're needing to be extra creative to use up all the summer squash!!

The larger turnips haven't appeared in our share yet this year, but hopefully we'll get at least a couple to enjoy before CSA is over for the season. My mother combines the golden turnips with butternut squash, which makes for a tasty dish (she boils them separately then mashes them together with butter, salt, and pepper) - just plain, I think the golden ones can be a little bitter. The white ones though - yum!!