Thursday, October 29, 2009

food inc. and botany of desire

Did you watch the Botany of Desire documentary on PBS last night? If not, they'll be repeating it several times over the next couple weeks - which is a good thing, as I live with 2 big-time Yankees fans, and so I only watched the first part of the film (apples) before we switched over to the World Series (to watch the Yankees in what turned out not to be one of their better games...).

Also worth noting - Food, Inc. is being released on video this coming Tuesday (November 3). I had thought about pre-ordering it on Amazon, but decided instead to wait and see if our local video rental store is going to have it available. I still haven't seen the movie, and am looking forward to doing so hopefully next week!


Life Looms Large said...

I haven't watched it yet, but I captured it on Tivo. (Botany of Desire)

It looks like it will be really good. Hopefully you'll catch one of the repeats!!


PS: A teenager trick-or-treating at my house tonight was carrying her pet bunny. I was so excited!! They are so cute in person.

Colleen said...

Trick or treating with a bunny - that's adorable!! We had someone come to our house in an Easter Bunny costume - and someone else as Santa - but no real live bunnies last night!