Wednesday, October 21, 2009

happy cows make more milk

I was reading today that researchers at Newcastle University in England have shown that happy cows produce as much as 68 more gallons of milk each year than cows who aren't socialized to humans and treated with kindness. I like that - always nice when research "proves" good things like this!

We don't yet buy our milk "straight from the farm," as we do with our meat and eggs. I know there are many, many benefits to non-pasteurized milk - but for some reason, I have something of a mental block on this one. I for too long have heard that pasteurized milk is "safe" and I haven't yet convinced myself to move past this. We're all works in process, right?

So we don't buy farm-fresh local milk, but we do buy organic Stonyfield Farm milk. Stonyfield is more local than some alternatives, but then not completely local as their milk is processed and packaged here in New Hampshire but actually comes from the Eastern US (not just New England). Again, for us it's a compromise. One of the ways we came to the decision to use this brand was by using the organic milk ratings put out by the Cornucopia Institute. They give Stonyfield a rating of "three cows out of five" - some of the other organic milks that I've seen sold at area stores (Horizon, Organic Cow, etc.) received "zero cows" - making me happy we've stayed away from those!

What about you - do you get your milk from local farms? Was it an easy decision for you, or did you struggle with the idea at first? I'd love to know!


Life Looms Large said...

This comment doesn't exactly have to do with milk.....

But, I recently took a class in foraging for wild mushrooms. I know that in Europe, that's a pretty common pastime - and wild mushrooms taste great.

But I just couldn't get mentally past the idea that it's quite possible to screw up choosing mushrooms and to die because of that mistake. I know there are ways to mushroom safely...and I know that people all over the world do it....but mentally and emotionally I'm just not there.

So maybe unpasteurized milk is like that for you. I'll be interested in what other people say about it!


Colleen said...

Hi Sue -
I can totally relate - mushrooms, milk, or otherwise - sometimes ideas or worries get in a person's mind that just don't give up easily!!

bettyl said...

I'm not sure what I would do if I had the opportunity to choose. But it's something to think about. Thanks for the post!