Wednesday, October 14, 2009

squash, squash everywhere!

A hard freeze is predicted for the area of New Hampshire where we live, some farms in our region have already seen freezes that have put an end to the more sensitive of their outdoor crops, and our last CSA pick up for the year is today. Winter really is on its way!

There are lots of winter farmers' markets planned for the upcoming months (see Seacoast Eat Local, Living the Local Life, and What Did She Do Today for dates and details). This many winter markets will definitely make continued local eating more "doable" than it has been in previous years (when there were holiday markets, but not much after December). But we're still making sure we have favorites on hand - tomatoes, corn, peppers, shredded zucchini, and scallions in the freezer, and winter squash in wire bins that we got from Freecycle.

One of my son's favorite homeschooling projects so far this Fall was weighing all the squash (one-by-one) that we'd brought home, and making a chart of the weights. Learning is everywhere with homeschooling - and he loves using the kitchen scale!

The acorn and delicata squash won't store for as long as the butternut and spaghetti squash, but we're stocking up on as much as we'll be able to enjoy before it goes bad. Winter squash needs to be kept in a cool-not-cold location to hold the best - since we don't have a root cellar, we'll be keeping ours in a far corner of the upstairs bedroom, as when we use the wood stove to heat, one side of the upstairs is the last to get warm. I read somewhere that if you crate your squash in containers that allow air circulation through the sides, and then place a piece of plywood on top, you have a handy nightstand. It made me smile to know I'm not the only person with squash in the bedroom!!


bettyl said...

I like squash, but find the local names for them strange but forgetful. And being that there are very limited supplies of everything here in NZ, I have to get it when I can.

Colleen said...

Living in an island community sure must present some interesting food options and challenges. Do fruits and veggies grow well where you live? Our growing season was a tough one this year - we're already looking forward to trying again next year!!
:-) Colleen

Kay said...

My folks used to grow tons of squash every summer... and then we would eat it all winter long. Yum!