Sunday, November 22, 2009

dark days challenge - week 1

I read about the Dark Days Challenge hosted by the Urban Hennery blog, and decided it sounded like fun. I'll be highlighting one local meal each week over the "dark" winter months - and look forward to reading about the meals other participants prepare! Check out Urban Hennery for more info, and to read about the local eating adventures of lots of folks!

Today, in honor of the fabulous winter farmers' markets we went to yesterday, we had a stir-fry of broccoli, leeks, and garlic for dinner. I bought the broccoli yesterday from Heron Pond Farm, and I had bought the leeks and garlic at the Portsmouth market before the season ended. I think I have enough garlic stored right now to last until next summer... love garlic - can't be without it!! Leeks on the other hand, I need to pick up more of at the next market. They're on the list!

To go with the stir-fry, we had baked sweet potatoes from Ramsbotham's farm. Yum! No photos this week as my camera battery was charging - but next week I'll definitely include pictures...

Non-local ingredients for this meal were the oil and dark soy sauce - and everything else was straight from the farm!


Life Looms Large said...

That's a cool challenge - and a cool name as well.

Because these dark days are really noticeable - even if I'm wearing blaze orange for part of them!


Colleen said...

We saw a Golden Retriever with a great orange vest/jacket on yesterday - even had a little backpack attached so he could tote things along on his hike - made me smile!!

livinginalocalzone said...

I love broccoli and I love leeks - but have never tried them together. Great idea :-) I'm just a bit jealous that you can still get broccoli though! I'll keep this one in mind for the overlap season next year - I'd love to dive into this whole meal!