Sunday, November 29, 2009

dark days challenge - week 2

Our local eating efforts this week have focused around Thanksgiving - and around the locally raised White Holland "heritage" turkey that graced us with its presence on our table this year, and continues to provide us with plenty of yummy leftovers.

In addition to our almost-all-local Thanksgiving meal (save for the flour, spices, oil, and condensed milk), over the last several days we have enjoyed leftover turkey in several mostly-local variations, a few of which I'll share here -

We made turkey nachos, using (non-local) store-bought organic corn chips, Cabot cheese, Meadow's Mirth black beans, Warren Farm corn frozen from this summer, and leftover turkey -

Turkey fried rice, using (non-local) rice, organic eggs from Stonewall Farm (purchased at the Rye winter market), scallions frozen from our summer CSA, (non-local) oil, and leftover turkey (see here for a post on how we make chicken fried rice - for this meal, we just substituted cooked, shredded turkey for the chicken) -

Turkey sandwiches using homemade bread (non-local ingredients), Cabot cheese, and (you guessed it!) leftover turkey... the list goes on (and a yummy list it is, too!).

Now we're almost out of meat, but we have the turkey bones frozen so we can use them to make stock after we pick up carrots at the December 5th winter farmers' market in Rollinsford that's coming up this weekend - and then I think we will have officially made good use of this fine bird.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope it was a wonderful one, filled with family, good food, and fun!!


Sara said...

I think I will be making some ham fried rice tomorrow...

Colleen said...

Ham fried rice - sounds awesome :)

livinginalocalzone said...

Even though I don't eat meat, I love the idea of this post. So often I'm faced with more leftovers than I know what to do with, and this just shows that its possible to be creative and avoid the trap of the same thing over and over.