Monday, November 23, 2009

fall colors

Last week I took this picture of the sunset off our back deck - the sky was glowing with amazing pinks and blues (I wish the photo did the colors more justice - it was truly an amazing sight in person!!).

I hadn't had a chance to share the photo yet, but when I read the Colors of November post over at Life Looms Large, I thought this would be fun to add to the MckLinky that Sue has set up for folks from around the world to share their own pictures of colors in nature. Thanks Sue, for the fun post - I'm looking forward to seeing what photos people share!!


Life Looms Large said...

That is a great picture!! We've had some really unusual light sometimes lately. One morning when I woke up, it seemed like the whole atmosphere was sort of raspberry colored.

Thanks for playing!!


livinginalocalzone said...

That really is beautiful. I've always loved the colors of fall - bright oranges, reds, streaked skies.... too bad that it means the fall and winter cold is coming though (not a winter person...) My father actually took and framed a set of large pictures of unusual sights and colors in fall for me to hang around my home, so that I could see the colors without feeling the cold!

Colleen said...

Thanks Sue and Mangochild! I haven't seen a sunset here that pretty since I took the picture - but the clouds have been amazing - especially today with all the wind, there were some interesting skies overhead!

Mangochild, I love your father's idea with the pictures - that's really wonderful and special!!