Monday, November 16, 2009

the happiest little bowl of brussels sprouts

We tried growing our own Brussels sprouts for the first time this year. We bought nice little seedlings from a farm in Lee back in the Spring. But as the summer went on, our nice, healthy little starter-plants became sad - they were attacked by cabbage worms, flooded with rain, and just generally had a rough time making it out in the garden. As you can see, their leaves are decimated - and they're not particularly large plants.

Early this Fall, we thought about pulling them out and trying again next year, but then we decided to just leave them alone and see what happened.

And what happened was... actual Brussels sprouts started to grow! What had been tiny little pea-sized sprouts got larger and larger, and finally today they were ready to harvest!

Our first ever bowl of homegrown Brussels sprouts - a very, very happy thing!!


Life Looms Large said...

That bowl of Brussels sprouts looks really yummy! Especially some of those tiny ones.

It's weird, but it seems like after such a difficult summer for gardens, this fall hasn't been nearly as rough on them as usual. (Or maybe I'm just remembering other years as colder earlier.)

Congrats on your spouts!! Hopefully they're the first of many!


Benita said...

Fantastic!! They look great!

Sara said...

Oh, how cute...I know I just love garden grown veggies. I wish I were able to have a little garden.

And, I just learned how to enjoy brussel sprouts...used to never eat them...

Colleen said...

Hi all -
Thanks for your comments! Hopefully this weekend the remaining Brussels sprouts plants we have outside will be ready for harvesting too. I think I've learned that next year I should plant 3 times as many seedlings - between my son and I, we can eat one plant worth of sprouts in just one meal!!