Sunday, November 29, 2009

hello, goats!

We stopped by the Jenness Farm holiday open house today. It was fun to see the goats, and I bought a jar of goat milk hand cream to use this winter (even though it was beautiful and almost warm outside today, rumor has it there will indeed be winter again this year... (grin)). In addition to all the goat milk products, they had some beautiful locally-made knit and sewn items in their gift shop - I think I'll need to go back and do some serious Christmas shopping! The open house is running through December 5th - see their website for more details.


Sara said...

Inquiring minds want to know - what fragrance did you buy? I saw they had New Hampshire Lilac!!!

Colleen said...

Hi Sara! I bought "Plain Jane" this time, which is unscented. I like their vanilla almond, but since my husband and son are both planning to use the cream too this year (hands are already getting dry!), they lobbied for scent-free. As my 6 year old said "2 against 1 - we win!!" He's a goofball... but he had a point. LOL :)

Life Looms Large said...

Hmmmm...maybe they'll buy you your own lilac scented cream for Christmas!!

When I saw your headline, I thought you'd defied the zoning where you lived and brought home some goats!!


Colleen said...

Hi Sue - I think we'll start our neighbors on the idea of chickens first... but maybe someday we'll have little Nigerian Dwarf goats running about the yard. That'd be some awesome fun!!