Saturday, November 14, 2009

rye farmers' market trip

We decided to take a drive out to the Rye winter farmers' market in the rain this morning - it was a great little market, and I was excited to see not only broccoli, turnips, and Brussels sprouts, but also nice big sweet potatoes grown right in Madbury, NH. This is the first time we've come across New Hampshire-grown sweet potatoes, and I'm looking forward to trying them!

We also checked on the status of our Thanksgiving turkey, since the farmer who raised him was at the market today too. Our turkey is also coming from Madbury this year - and, as it turns out, is on his way to "the end" this very day (or as the farmer's mother said, "oh yep, he should be quite literally losing his head right now..." - gotta love a sense of humor!). Previous years we've bought our turkey from a farm in Deerfield, NH, but they're doing less farming (and no meat) this year - so we have a new turkey farm. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is really next week - where did 2009 go??

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Life Looms Large said...

I haven't been outside all day and I'm hoping that holds true at least til morning!! Grey November!

Your post makes me realize why certain foods are Thanksgiving staples....obviously they can still be grown or stored in these parts so close to the big feast.


Sara Zoe said...

I was so excited to see and buy some of those sweet potatoes, too! They are going to be so easy to cook with, and I bought some from this same farmer, Ramsbotham Riverview Farm last year and they were insanely delicious! Ramsbotham will also be at the November 21 market at Wentworth Greenhouses, more info at!

Benita said...

Where did 2009 go? Great question and I wish I had the answer.

I need to look for a farm who raises turkeys locally...

Colleen said...

Hi all -
The chance to buy Fall and Thanksgiving foods from local growers makes this time of year even more fun for me - I love the adventure of finding (and eating!) New Hampshire-grown meats and produce!!

And I'm super happy to report that I baked one of Ramsbotham's sweet potatoes yesterday, and it was indeed FABULOUS - I can't wait to go to the holiday market in Rollinsford this weekend and buy more!!

Colleen :)