Friday, December 4, 2009

bringing home the tree

It was a beautiful day to go pick out a tree today - so we headed off to Warren Farm this morning! We went to the "back field" where they have Concolor Fir and Blue Spruce (and lots of pretty views!).

Saws are available at the farm - but make sure you wear your boots!

There were lots of trees from which to choose!

And some trees had already been chosen - my son enjoyed counting rings to see how old some of the trees were when they were cut down!

We chose a 7' tall Concolor Fir. We have cut a Concolor each of the last 10 years - they're pretty trees with long, soft, blue needles. And the trees smell like oranges, which I think is wonderful - Christmas wouldn't feel the same in our house without one!!


Life Looms Large said...

Just seeing those saws dangling from that post makes me want to get a Christmas tree! But my houseplant pine tree is already I'll just be satisfied with that.

Is the second to last picture a Concolor fur? I've never had that type of tree before, but they sound great - between the soft blue needles and the orange smell.

Tree envy here....but I'm still too lazy!


PS: So tomorrow, if it snows, you can be decorating your tree in the snow. Perfection!

Colleen said...

Hi Sue -
Yep, that's a Concolor - they're a really pretty blue - just awesome trees! Our neighbor has a huge one growing in her front yard - I'd like to try to plant a few here and then it'd be like Christmas outside all year 'round!

We did decorate our tree while the snow fell last night - you're right - perfect timing for winter's arrival!!