Friday, December 4, 2009

dark days challenge - week 3

For tonight's dinner (and this week's Dark Day Challenge meal), we made meatballs in red sauce with french-fried potatoes on the side. I didn't take a photo, as after after struggling to get the macaroni and cheese looking presentable earlier this week, I didn't think I'd have much luck with meatballs in sauce (grin)!!

We make our meatballs with 1/2 ground beef and 1/2 ground pork - plus an egg, chopped onion and garlic, a little cumin, and a touch of salt. We cook them in a "Cuban style" tomato sauce (rather than Italian). To make the sauce, we start with a sofrito of chopped tomato, garlic, and onion heated in a little oil - then we add plain tomato sauce, dry white wine, a touch of salt, and the meatballs, and cook together until the meat is done.

When we make meatballs, we always make enough to have leftovers, as they taste fabulous the next day in a toasted sandwich, or (my favorite way) reheated, cut into small pieces, and scooped up with corn tortilla chips.

Local ingredients for this week's Challenge meal are the pork (Jenness Farm - not only do they have goat products, but they also sell pork at their farm store!), ground beef (Pinewoods Yankee), egg (Stonewall Farm), tomato (from a small farm in Lee, frozen by us for winter use), tomato sauce (made this summer from some of our CSA tomatoes, and frozen), garlic (Tuckaway Farm), and onions and potatoes (both from Meadow's Mirth). Non-local ingredients are the salt, cumin, oil, and dry wine.


livinginalocalzone said...

Its interesting for me to read about those who use meat in their cooking, as I've never been exposed to it. And it makes me happy to see that it is available from local farmers! Glad they turned out well.

Colleen said...

It took us a couple of years, but we've now found local farm sources for all our meats - I love knowing exactly where my meat comes from and how it was raised. At the same time, now that we're eating more locally, I've found we eat much less meat than we used to - and many more vegetarian meals. Last night was another broccoli and kale stirfry - I think I could eat that meal at least once/week and be quite happy!!