Friday, December 4, 2009

the sky has eyes?

We went out to Newington yesterday, and this is what (who?) we saw watching us drive home. I think the sky really does have eyes!!
EDIT - I realized I should write what I see here, as could be that everyone who looks at the photo sees something different. Clouds are like that!! I see a very wide head, with 2 eyes in the center, and a wide mouth - like a creature of some sort looking back at me. What do you see??


livinginalocalzone said...

:-) The sky can launch so much creativity - and sometimes a bit of spookiness. That's a pretty good likeness of an eye I think.

Life Looms Large said...

The sky was great yesterday!!

I was taking pictures in Portsmouth and just kept wanting to shoot scenes where I could photograph the clouds!

No comment on the potentially snowy sky tomorrow!


Colleen said...

Fall skies are definitely inspirational - I agree!! I'm trying to make sure I take my camera with me when I'm "out and about" as I never know when a perfect photo op will appear!! What I'd really like to be able to get is a picture of a moose or a bear (both of which have been seen in and around our neighborhood) - but it seems when I have the camera, the animals are in hiding! I'm going to keep trying though... :)