Wednesday, December 23, 2009

super simple centerpiece

We're hosting family for Christmas Eve dinner at our house tomorrow, and I wanted to decorate the table "holiday-style." The bowl is a Freecycle find - the pine branches were cut from our Christmas tree so we could fit it properly into the stand - and the pinecones are from our yard. The cardinal is one of several I have around the house. My great-grandmother was one of my favorite people ever, and she loved cardinals (like seriously, obsessively loved them!!). My cardinal collection reminds me of spending time with her, watching her fill her suet feeders and waiting for the cardinals to come and eat!

A super simple centerpiece, and a happy holiday creation - without spending a dime. Works for me (grin)!!


Sara said...

Freecycle is really cool. I have given away several items on our local freecycle.

Love the bowl you picked up...and it certainly makes a nice decoration!

Life Looms Large said...

Nice centerpiece!!! I wish we'd get cardinals at our feeders, but we're too far into the woods to see them often.


Colleen said...

Hi Sara - I agree - Freecycle is awesome! I love seeing things we no longer need go on to good homes - and I love that I've been able to give a new life to some old treasures from other folks too!

Hi Sue - we don't get as many cardinals here as we did at our other house, but we do get 1 or 2 now and then. We had a pair when we lived in Barrington - the male would always come to the feeder first, and then the female would come along later. They were wonderful to watch!!