Monday, January 18, 2010

a little reading

If I had nothing else I needed to do, I'd happily read my days away - I've always been that way, and can remember even when I was in elementary school preferring a book to a kickball game or game of tag most any day.

So, even though I don't read as much as I used to before I had "grown up" responsibilities, I still do get through several books each month. I thought it might be fun to track my reading in 2010, and share the books I'm enjoying (or, occasionally, not particularly enjoying (grin)).

I do have a definite preference for non-fiction and memoirs, and rarely read fiction any more (though once in a while fiction does make an appearance. Last year I read The Secret Life of Bees, and I bought Quite a Year for Plums at a library book sale - though I haven't started reading it yet). I buy a lot of books at library book sales, a few at yard sales, and a few from Amazon or other booksellers. I also check a couple books a month out of our local library, but I totally admit that I'd rather own the books I'm reading than borrow them.

Right now, I'm reading Living with Goats, by Margaret Hathaway (borrowed from the library last week). Even though I'm far from the point where I could raise goats (going to need a different property (with more land) if I'm going to do that!), I'm enjoying learning lots about goat management. All good information to have, even if I never have goats myself - as, for me, reading about such grand adventures brings to mind questions I have or things I need to figure out just to do the limited "farming" we can manage on our little 7/8 of an acre here in our neighborhood. The book is written by a woman who farms in Maine, which makes it even more fun since she's fairly local. And there's a picture of a 2-week old Nigerian Dwarf Goat in the book that my son keeps looking at, as it's just adorable - such a tiny little creature!

Once I finish the goat book, I'll move on to the "to read" pile that I keep on my writing desk (unless another library book catches my eye, in which case I'll read that first!). Right now, the pile is focused heavily on the practical. Stacked up to the side of my computer, I have: Quite a Year for Plums, by Bailey White; We Wanted a Farm, by M.G. Kains; Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal, by Joel Salatin, Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon (yep, it's a cookbook - but it has a lot of "extra" information that I want to read through), and Singer's Sewing Step-by-Step. Which reminds me - we've got the sewing machine threaded and working, so now I just need to figure out how to make something useful. So far, I'm still working on mastering "sewing a straight and even line" :)

I'm definitely looking forward to my year with books! What are you reading this year?


the healthy beet said...

I love reading too and have been immersing myself in books about food and gardening. I have also started listening to audio books during my commute and am currently listening to "The Help" which is an excellent fiction book.

I just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver - a great read that has me wanting to move to my own farm. I'm on the waiting list at the library for Backyard Homestead.

Happy reading :)

Life Looms Large said...

I am a bookworm too!! I just brought home two borrowed weaving books today.

I used to read tons of fiction, and about four years ago I switched mostly to non-fiction suddenly.

I heard today that Riverslea Farms (coming to the Fuzz Fest) has goats as well as sheep. I never knew that before.

Happy reading! (We've definitely had great reading weather this week!)


Colleen said...

Hi healthy beet - thank you for stopping by! Our library orders a lot of gardening and homesteading books, which is great - each time I read one, I get so many more ideas of what I'd love to do here in our yard or "someday" when I have more land!

Hi Sue - I love driving by Riverslea and seeing the sheep outside - and the sheepskins I've seen in their displays at the markets are beautiful! They sell their goat meat at some of the farmers' markets too (I've never tried it though - eating goat just doesn't "call" to me). Do they raise fiber goats, or just meat? I wonder. And I'm definitely looking forward to Fuzz Fest - hopefully it'll be a good weather day!